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Review of British Journal of Urology International
The Role of Vacuum Pump Therapy to
Mechanically Straighten The Penis In Peyronies
(accepted for publication November 2009)
There are many articles on the Internet about the use of vacuum
pumps to treat PD.  Some men state this approach is a very
effective treatment while others claim no benefit at all.  As usual,
the truth is somewhere in between. The researching physician
reports that this is the first study to describe the use of vacuum
pump therapy to treat PD. (note that the
abstract of this study has
been widely reported upon and discussed on other sites and
forums, but I am reviewing  the complete article.)  

  • 41 men were enrolled in the study, 10 dropped out.  31
    completed   the study.

  • Exclusion criteria: severe erectile dysfunction, non
    responsive to ED drugs, previous surgery or inability to use
    the pump properly

  • mean age was 51 years, mean curvature 47.6 degrees and
    mean duration since development of PD 9.9 months, but one
    participant had the disease for 23 months

  • over a 12 week period,  patients used a  vacuum pump
    without the constriction ring for 10 minutes, twice daily to
    stretch the penis

  • A vasoactive agent was injected into the penis to induce an
    erection.  A protractor was used to measure direction and
    angle of curvature.   Participants completed a questionnaire  
    rating subjective measures of sexual  function

  • For the purposes of this study is was presumed that
    outcomes for the PD control population are as follows:
48% stabilized, 40% worsened and 13% improved.
Study Outcomes

  • 67%  of participants who completed the study had a curvature
    reduction, 10 worsened and 23% had no change

  • 11 men reported an increase in length with average incease 0.5cm.  
    Range of improvement  for those who length improved was 0.5cm
    to 1.5cm.  Notice length of 0.5 centimeter

  • Approx ½  of the participants who completed the study were
    satisfied with the results, but almost the same % went on to have

  • Those with soft plaque did better than those with a hard plaque

  • The physician concluded that the use of the pump therapy “might”
    improve or stabilize the penile curvature

  • There were no particular predictors of outcome. Not age, degree of
    condition or duration of PD.